Toray Advanced Film for IT and Industry

Films for IT and industry are used in a wide range of products and manufacturing processes, with a focus on increasingly sophisticated information devices, and vehicles and consumer electronics that are becoming more and more intelligent through IT.

Our surface-protection films, which utilize non-oriented-film production technology, are available in a wide variety of types to meet our customers' diverse needs.

TORETEC™ Surface-Protection Film

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Protecting products from damage during processing

Self-adhesive surface-protection film that protects adherends like optical films and functional plastic plates without leaving residue. The lineup includes a wide range of products from low to strong adhesives.

Main Applications

  • Flat-panel displays (LCD optical sheets, optical film)
  • Plastic plates
  • Plastic molded parts

Protective-Film Base Film/Adhesive-Coated Masking Film

Base film for adhesive-coated masking film that can be used for a variety of protective films

Main Applications

  • Protective film